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14 or 21 day pass

14 or 21 day pass

Greetings from Canada. We will be in Japan for 21 days and will be staying with friends 20 minutes outside of Tokyo for five nights. Then travelling to Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miiyajima Island and back to Tokyo. Hope to do day trips around each destination. So should we get a 14 or 21 day pass? Also, do you have advice on luggage size and courier services? Thank you.

Hi there,

Both the 14 day JR Pass and 21 day JR Pass will allow you to make good savings. The real question though is will you need the extra 7 days that the 21 day JR Pass offers? A JR Pass is great when you travel cross country or make day trips, however it is not put to good use if you just stay in Tokyo.

In general it is pretty easy for the upgrade from 14-21 days to pay off. The price for the extra 7 days is 12,960yen and basically you would have to do this amount in travel for the pass to pay off. Compare that to the full price of a normal 7 day JR Pass 29,110 and suddenly its a bargain. Still you do have to make use of it, so ask yourself how much travel you would with the extra time.

For luggage, the Takkyubin service is very handy for forwarding luggage. I would recommend reading this guide for all the details.

Hope this helps!

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