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14 or 21 day pass?

14 or 21 day pass?


My partner and I are travelling throughout Japan from the 8th Jan to the 1st of Feb. I am not sure if the 14 or the 21 day JR pass is the most suitable for us. Please Help!

Our planned itinerary is as follows

Arrive Haneda Airport 8th

Travel Tokyo area 3 days (include visit to Studio Gibli)

Depart for Sapporo and skiing Niseko 11-17/18th (likely Fly via Narita Airport to Sapporro)

18th - 24th - Nagano area with visits to Hakuba and Shiga Kogen aswell as Gunma Prefecture

25th -31st - Kansai area (osaka, kyoto etc)

1st - depart from Osaka airport

We haven't got strict plans at this stage but would really appreciate the help to choose between the 2 passes.




Hi Deb,

There are a couple of possibilities you could consider.
One is the 14 Day JR-Pass and use it from Jan 18th tru the 31st. This will cover your whole trip down from Hokkaido to Osaka and you can use it there for the day trips too!

The other is to get the 21 Day JR-Pass and use it from the day (11th?)you fly from Narita. The price difference between the 14 and 21 day pass is 12600 Yen.
Costs you would cover with this are:
the journey to Narita Airport about 3000Yen,
(assuming you fly to)New Chitose airport -> Sapporo (1340Yen, 36min) Sapporo --> Niseko (2400Yen, 133min)
Niseko -->back to Sapporo (2400Yen, 133min)

For a total of 9140Yen. This does not yet cover the extra cost for the 21day pass. Depending if you are planning more travel around Sapporo it can be worthwhile. Also the added benefit is that you can ride the limited ski express train directly from Sapporo to Niseko which otherwise costs 4500 Yen.

Hope this helps you with your choice.

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