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14 days or 21 days+what is included in the pass in downtown tokyo?

14 days or 21 days+what is included in the pass in downtown Tokyo?

Hi, we will be in Japan from august 17th-sept 8th. We plan to visit Tokyo for 5 days at the beginning of our trip, with Nikko as a daytrip on the last day. Than climbing Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko 5th station (2n), over Nagoya (1n) to Takayama (3n) in the Japan Alps, Kyoto (3n) area including Nara on a daytrip, Osaka (2n) and Hiroshima (2n), return to Tokyo and on to Ito (4n) in the Izu Peninsula on our last day of JR-pass . Since it's a whole bunch we are thinking about activating our 14-days railpass only after visiting Tokyo, the morning of the daytrip to Nikko. We would stop it in Ito. The only extra cost would be the train from Ito back to Tokyo before our flight back home in Belgium. Alternatively we would opt for a 21-days railpass as the difference is not even 100 EUR. The extra costs with a 14 days pass are the Narita Express downtown on our arrival and the return from Ito before flying back. If however the metro system in Tokyo is also included it might be cheaper to go for the 21-days pass and activate it as soon as we arrive. For the rest of our trip, is there any traject that's is not covered by JR so where we would have to buy seperate tickets on private lines? All suggestions are very welcome, great to find this forum which has already been of great help!


Hi Jedeve,

Welcome to the forum! I must say that I enjoyed reading your plans. I think it is very well balanced between seeing a lot and taking enough time to enjoy a place. Also Izu is a great pick.

I can see that you really put some effort in planning everything and like you say the 14-day would really suit your plans. You could even switch going to Fuji and Nikko around as the savings you make to Fuji with the JRPass are relatively minor and about 50% of the travel is on private lines, in addition you would have to go back to Tokyo in any event to travel on to Nagoya by Bullet rail.

The JR Pass does not cover the Metro/Subway in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan, it does however cover all local JR Lines in Tokyo, which are a lot! This includes the Yamanote line which makes a loop through Tokyo and stops at almost all major stations. Here's a map with all that is covered in and around Tokyo. The JR Pass will cover you for most of your journey, only part of the way to Fuji is traveled by non-JR line and some travel on a private rail way / bus may be required in Izu, depending on where you wish to go. These are just small costs however and you will be sure to make some great savings with the JR Pass!

Make the most of your trip!

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