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14 days jrp

14 days JRP


I have question about using 14 days JRP and also my itinerary - Like miliion questions, I am sorry... :-)
We are going to Japan from 25. – 13. 7. 2016, which means the JRP pass will be valid till 8. 7. 2016 if I purchase it on 25th? Will be the JRP ticket valid on the day of the purchase?

The itinerary is:

From Narita to Osaka ( I guess we have to change the line in Tokyo, right?)
Osaka (2 days)
From Osaka to Kumamoto
Kumamoto (3 days)
From Kumamoto to Aso
Aso (1 day)
…and back to Kumamoto From Kumamoto to Hiroshima
Hiroshima (2 days)
From Hiroshima to Kyoto
Kyoto (2 day)
And From Kyoto to Tokyo, where we are going to spend the rest of the vacation.

Is the whole trip covered by JRP? Can we just pick the train from the schedule and use it, or we are supposed to make reservation before? I am not sure how much busy are the lines.

Is there any prohibition of sleeping outside in Japan? For example near the mountain Aso not in the public park of course :-)

Can we swim in Kumamoto? I found out, there are beaches near by Kumamoto, not s many... but it looks like Japanese are not in to in so much, is there possibility to enjoy the sea near this area.

How much before out trip we should book the tickets to Ghibli muzeum? Is there even a real chance to get there if we purchase tickets on the spot (Lawsons)?

Is there any chance to go to Beppu and use the JRP? And then to Hiroshima?

JRP pass is valid for 14 days in a row or we can actually choose the dates? because if we spend 3 days in Hiroshima for example, we won´t be using it.

Thank you very very much



Hello Tereza,

Just to be sure that everything is clear. The JR Pass is purchased outside of Japan, we ship you an exchange order voucher, which in turn is exchanged in Japan for the Japan Rail Pass. You can select your own 1st day of use at the time of exchange, from which the JR Pass will start counting in consecutive days.

All the routes you plan to travel, are all covered by the JR Pass. Which is good, as you will be travelling a lot!

As for travelling routes, travelling from Narita Airport to Osaka does indeed include one transfer at Tokyo station. An in general train do not sell out, so getting seats should not be a problem.

I don't think you can simply lay down in a park somewhere and start snoring away. Maybe its okay to sleep on the beach but police will definitely ask you to leave if you sleep on a bench in a public park. I guess you could hide somewhere in the bush bush but its something I would try to avoid.

Its hard to say, tickets can be sold out months in advance. You can order them online as well, I can't link the website here but do a Google search and it should pop up.

Travel to Beppu is also covered by the JR Pass and I don't think it would be hard to include if you also stop at Kumamoto.

Hope this helps,

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First of all, Daniel, thank you very much for your answer it was really helpful and it me clear a lot of things.
Just one more question - if we arrive in Narita 25st of June (Saturday) I can exchange voucher somewhere on the airport? Do you have any idea what are the opening hours and if there is a long waiting queue?

Regarding sleeping outside I meant like NOT in the public park. We have quite problem find a hostel/hotel in the ASO area, so we are wondering if we would be able to find something on the spot... :-)

Thank you again



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