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14 days jr pass or 7 days jr + individual tickets??

14 days JR Pass or 7 days JR + individual tickets??

Hi, i'll arrive at Narita on october 5th, then stay on tokyo until 8th. Then ill go to Nagoya and use it as base to go to Osaka, return Nagoya, Kyoto, return Nagoya and then return to Narita at october 16th.

I see that JR woth it, but do i need the 14 days pass?
if not is there a unlimited subway free pass in Tokyo?



I there,

As you'll be out of Tokyo for 9 days, lets get a handle on your costs to see which option is better for you:

  1. Tokyo > Nagoya: ¥10,780 (126mins, 366km)
  2. Nagoya > Osaka: ¥5,980 (67mins, 190km)
  3. Osaka > Nagoya: ¥6,380 (67mins, 190km)
  4. Nagoya > Kyoto: ¥5,640 (37mins, 147km)
  5. Kyoto > Nagoya: ¥5,240 (49mins, 147km)
  6. Nagoya > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥12,890 (202mins, 445km)

JR ticket cost: ¥46,910 for 6 legs

Based on your travel you will make a saving with both 14 or 7 day passes.

If you were to use a 7 day pass for all of your travel from (2) Nagoya > Osaka and purchase a standard ticket for the Tokyo > Nagoya leg at the start, you'll make overall savings of ¥7830. Of course, it may be that you prefer the flexibility the 14 day pass gives you while you are in Tokyo - in that case a 14 day pass will still be a good choice. It's worth bearing in mind that you can get good use of the JR Pass in Tokyo on the many JR Tokyo lines.

There are unlimited metro passes in Tokyo - you can find out more on special discounted metro passes here (available for purchase only at Narita).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply it was realy helpful!


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