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14 days jr pass?

14 days JR Pass?


Would you suggest buying 14 days JR pass or just pay as-is with the following itinerary?

Oct 11 - Narita airport > Fukuoka by airplane (already bought ticket)
Oct 12-15 - stay in Fukuoka area, friend's wedding, and may be 1 day to Huis ten boush.
Oct 15 mid-day - arrive at kobe by shinkansen, then transfer to Arima onsen
Oct 16 > 19 - stay at Namba area and may be 1 day to Kyoto
Oct 19 evening > 25 - arrive at Shinjuku by shinkansen, visit areas around Yamanote line, and may be 1 day to Gotemba Outlet (TBC).
Oct 25th mid-day - depart from Narita airport.

I don't think I will use much of JR line within Kansai area; As for Tokyo, our hotel is closer to the metro station than Shinjuku JR. So that holds me back from buying the pass...

Much appreciated for your help!!


Hi there!

You may not do enough travel to cover the cost of a 14 day JR Pass but why not consider the 7 day JR Pass to cover your pricy Shinkansen Travel and pay as you go for the local parts that you travel before and after? For instance the ride Fukuoka (Hakata) - Shin-Kobe is ¥ 14,370 and Osaka - Shinjuku is ¥ 13,550 is alone would almost pay for the 7 day JR Pass which is 28,300 yen. You could than use to JR Pass for travel to Gotemba or Huis ten Bosch for instance to really make some savings!

I hope this helps!

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