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14 days in japan from osaka to tokyo

14 days in Japan from Osaka to Tokyo

I will buy jr pass for traveling in Japan but not sure if I should buy 7 or 14 days pass, below is my itinerary, please help me to choose the right pass and which jr stations, jr rail for each itinerary that saves time, money and convenient for my trip. Thanks
Miyako Odori(cherry blossom dancing show perform by geiko/maiko)(option)
* Nijo castle, Ninamaru gardens of nijo cast * Nishiki market * The kyoto imperial palace, the sento imperial palace * Kyoto station * Kyoto tower(option) * Kiyomizudera temple * The higashiyama district * Kodaiji temple * Philosophers path * Fushimi inari shrine * Ginkakuji ( Golden Pavilion) * Ryoanji temple(Rock garden

  1. ARASHIYAMA (half day trip)
    Togetsukyo Bridge Tenryuji Temple *Bamboo Grove
  2. OSAKA
    Osaka Castle Shopping at Shinsaibashi(option)
    Osaka station city(option) Umeda sky building The osaka bay area (option)

  3. NARA(half day trip)
    Todaiji Temple(large wooden building in Japan) Deer Park *Horyuji temple(option)

  4. HIMEJI (half day trip)
    *Himeji Castle
  5. KOBE(option)
    Nankinmachi Meriken park Kobe port tower (option) The akashi kaikyo bridge
  7. HIROSHIMA-MIYAJIMA (day trip)
    Peace Memorial Park Take ferry to Miyajima
    Itsukushima Shrine
  8. KANAZAWA (day trip)
    *Kenrokuen Garden
    *photogenic village, thatched foof farm houses and cultivated fields
  10. TAKAYAMA(option)
    Sanno Festival(April 14/15) at Sanno Shrine(option)
    *Morning Market, Old Town,
  11. TOKYO
  12. Akihabara(electric shops) *The imperial palace east gardens
  13. Nihonbashi(option)
  14. The ginza
  15. Marunouchi
  16. Asakusa
  17. Sensoji
  18. Ueno park
  19. Ameyoko
  20. Ikebukuro(option)(shopping)
  21. Shibuya
  22. Shinjuku station
  23. Meiji shrine free entry
  24. Shinjuku gyoen
  25. The tokyo metropolitan government building
  26. Kawachi fuji garden tunel of love
  27. Ashikaga Flower Park
  28. Ashikaga flower park

  29. HAKONE-MT FUJI ( day trip)
    Mt Fuji 5th station Gotemba Peace Park( scenic view of Mt Fuji and cherry blossom) *Hakone: ropeway from Togendai to Owakundari

  30. NIKKO(option)
    *Kegon Waterfall situated in Lake Chuzenji
    *The Great Buddle Statue

Hi there,

That's a nice list you've got there. However I am not completely sure about your planning. Does every number stand for a day? Additionally where will you start your travels, from what airport?

From the amount of travel you plan to do, a 14 day JR Pass is certainly recommended.

Enjoy Japan!

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