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14 days in japan - 7 day jr pass?

14 days in Japan - 7 day JR pass?


I will be headed to Japan for 2 weeks. I am looking at the different alternatives for travel around the cities I plan to visit, hoping for some assistance. As of now, I am thinking:

SUICA & NEX package - round trip (NARITA) - 5500 yen
JR 7 day pass (activate on October 24th) - 28300 yen
Koysan World Heritage Ticket - 2780 yen

Then just add additional dollars to SUICA & NEX pass for last three days in Tokyo

My itinerary:
10/20/2013 Tokyo
10/21/2013 Tokyo
10/22/2013 Tokyo
10/23/2013 Tokyo
10/24/2013 Kyoto
10/25/2013 Kyoto
10/26/2013 Kyoto
10/27/2013 Koya San
10/28/2013 Osaka
10/29/2013 Kyoto
10/30/2013 Tokyo
10/31/2013 Tokyo
11/1/2013 Tokyo

Is JR pass able to be used to get to Koyasan? or would it just get me from Kyoto to Osaka to then take train to Koysan?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi there!

I see that you've already done a good amount of research on how to travel around and it looks all good to me.
The JR Pass covers the trip up to Osaka from where you can take the Nankai express to Gokurabashi (station for Koya). You can also make some extra savings by going to Hashimoto and travel on the Nankai express from there. More about that here.

For the rest, you've pretty much covered it all yourself, so I don't have much to add!

Have a great trip!

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