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14-day trip

14-day trip

Hi JR Expert,

I'm planning for a 14-day trip to Japan with my wife. We've been to Tokyo before so this trip is meant to explore other areas. Below is what we've planned. The two of us will only be staying in Tokyo and Kyoto throughout our trips. Hence we will be taking the trains in and out from these two destinations.

D1 - Arrive in Tokyo via Narita airport
D2 - Tokyo Disneyland
D3 - Tokyo to Kyoto
D4/D10 - Kyoto

         - 2 days exploring Kyoto (Shijo Ave, Gion, Higashiyama district, Hanatoro, Imperial palace tour)    
         - day trips to Osaka on 3 diff days (cos we are planning to go Universal studio, Osaka Aquarium & museums) 
         - day trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima
         - day trip to Nagoya

D11 - Kyoto back to Tokyo
D12/D14 - Tokyo (Lake Kawaguchiko, Ice & wind caves, Kachi Kachi ropeway & shopping)

All our potential rail trips (from D1-D14) and the single JR Ferry (to Miyajima) are valid with JR Pass except for our trip to Lake Kawaguchiko (Otsuki to Kawaguchiko station) I correct?

So in view of the above plan, am I right to purchase a 14-day JR pass? Would appreciate too if you could give suggestions or feedback on our itineraries :)

Many thanks in advance.
Ridzy (Sgp)


Hi Ridzy,

Looks like you have done a good bit of research yourself and you are absolutely right with your findings. The JR Pass covers your full trip except for the last part of your trip to Kawaguchiko, at the same time you make some nice savings with your trip to both Hiroshima and Nagoya..

I wish I could add something to your itinerary but it is already solid and well planed. In Osaka I would add a visit to the Shinsai bashi area, as this maybe the most famous spot of Osaka and you can really feel the atmosphere of dazzling Japan.

I hope this helps!

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