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14 day or 21 day?

14 day or 21 day?

Im travelling to Japan on my own at the start of November. Doing lots of sightseeing and visiting friends.
My trip is only 19 days long but doing a lot of travelling. Should i get the 14 day pass from the 3rd day to the 15th then just pay for the 2 trains i need? Or buy the 21 day and not worry, or even not get one at all? Also as im travelling will have a large rucksack will it get in the way on trains?

My plan is as follows:

  • Day1-3: Arrive at Narita and head into central Tokyo and stay there.
  • Day 3-5: Stay in Yokohama and explore area, heading back for a concert in Nakano district.
  • Day 5-11: Head down to Osaka from Yokohama and stay in Osaka, day trips to surrounding area of Nara, Hiroshima,Himeji and Kobe.
  • Day 11-15: Head back from Osaka to Tokyo and stay there.
  • Day 15-18: staying with friends in Yamanashi
  • Day 18-19 Back to Narita.

Please help me many thanks



Hi Eve!

Actually based on your points, i'd reccomend a 7day rails pass to use between 5th-11th. You do the bulk of your traveling between these dates. The amount of traveling you do outside this period is not cheaper with a JR pass.

Your rucksack should be fine. There are overhead compartments on all bullet trains for luggage, and if really large, there is luggage space behind the last seat in every carriage.


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Thanks Mari :)
You have my this decision much much easier, better go buy myself a 7 day pass.


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