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13/2/2013 to 19/2/2013 in tokyo

13/2/2013 to 19/2/2013 in Tokyo


Can help me to plan my itinenary in Tokyo to Hakone to Takayama back to Tokyo.

13/2 reach Tokyo ( Haneda Airport )2150 hrs
14/2 plan to go to Hakkone for 2days
16/2 plan to go to Takayama for 2 days
18/2 back to Tokyo
19/2 to Tokyo to Narita Airport

Please advise buying the 7 days JR pass a more efficeient way?




Hi Eddie,

I saw you made an other post (here)[] as well, looking at the similarities I've put the answers together in this topic.

Here's a little oversight of ticket costs if you buy them without the JR-Pass.
Tokyo --> Odawara :¥ 3,640
Odawara --> Takayama ¥ 12,410
Takayama --> Tokyo ¥ 14,300
Tokyo --> Narita ¥ 27,40

For a total of:¥ 33.090. The JR-Pass is ¥ 28300, saving you ¥ 4790 + Local travel you may do in Tokyo.

When you go to Hakone you can use your JR-Pass as far as Odawara, from here I would recommend buying a (Hakone Freepass)[] for 3 days. It costs 4.400 Yen and will cover all your travel there, plus it gives you many discounts on attractions.

Just a little recommendation:
When you are in Takayama, try some of the Hida beef that is served in the area is many restaurants, it's very good!

Hope this helps!


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