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13 day trip – 7 day pass

13 day trip – 7 day pass

My question is similar nancyhartfeld’s.

I was wondering if it’s better and cheaper to buy the 7 day pass and buy separately the “ONE DAY PASS of Tokyo”, or anything else.

The Seishun 18 can not be used until the end of the trip, but only until day 05, as shown in the table.

What do you suggest me?

When do you suggest me to activate the JR PASS?

Arriving in TOKYO: 3/31
Directly to OSAKA: 03/31 – 4/01
OSAKA (travelling almost everyday, roundtrip to KYOTO, because we did not find hotels there): 4/03 – 4/07
TOKYO and Mt. FUJI: 4/08 – 4/12

Thank you.


Hi there,

There are a couple of options you could consider:

7-day Pass option.
The most economic is the plan all of your long distance planning in 7-days that you use the JR-Pass. For instance you could stay the first night in Tokyo and then take an early train to Osaka. This way you could use the JR-Pass from april 1st to April 7th and all of your long distance travel would be covered.

Reaching Fuji-san from Tokyo is not hard, you can take a high way bus from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Mount Fuji for only 1,700 Yen, you won't be able to go the whole way to Fuji with the JR-Pass in any event.

14-day Pass option:
If you want more freedom you could also consider a 14-day JR-Pass, with your travel to Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima you would still save money and the way back to the Airport is also covered. Also when you go to Fuji you can save some money with the JR-Pass because you can take the JR to the station called Otsuki and from there go to Fuji with the Fujikyu line that is 1,100Yen.

Hope this helps,

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Hello, we are going to travel to Japan in same time and same places. I think the bus is much more cheap than the train or JR Pass and you don't need hotel when you are on the bus. This two website can help you a lot: Train is better for shorter distance (Osaka-Kyoto). If you want to try Nozomi (fastes train), it is impossible with the JR Pass. And the Pass is not usable for metro.
I think JR Pass is good if you want to take very long distance in short time.


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