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12day tour

12day tour

Please help to check whether any part of my itinerary can be used jrpass? and please do recommend the transportation use as i was very confused the transportation in Japan.

20may2015 - 31 may 2015

D1 - Arrival Kansai airport , proceed to kanazawa
D2 - Kanazawa - Toyama
D3 - Early morning at 6am , we depart to Tateyama for Alpine Route - Ogizawa - Matsumoto
D4 - Matsumoto - Takayama
D5 - Takayama - Shirakawa - Takayama
D6 - Takayama
D7 - Takayama - Gero Onsen
D8 - Gero - Nagoya
D9 - Nagoya - Yokohama
D10 - Yokohama - Mt. Fuji - yokohama
D11 - Yokohama - Tokyo
D12 - Tokyo , 0915 hrs flight

All the accommodation already booked.

Thank you.


Hello there,

The JR Pass will cover most travel in your itinerary. The only parts not covered are transport on the Alpine Route, the bus to Shirakawago and around Fuji. Everything else is :)

One of the best things of the JR Pass is that you do not have to worry about finding all the routes, you can just go to the JR ticket office - show your JR Pass - and the JR staff will find the best route for you.

I also checked your itinerary and there's no excessive amount of travel involved for any of the routes that you with the travel.

Hope this helps,

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A JR Pass covers the routes, but would not be cost effective.

On Day 4 you can force it by going by train in a roundabout way, wasting over 4 hours - but there is a direct bus which is so much easier and saves you time.

There are some regional passes like the JR Hokuriku Area Pass that can cover part of the route and bring some relief though.

For your Day 10 it's unclear about how to go to Mt. Fuji. Going up the mountain is kind of a waste - there is no real scenery or anything to do there, and frequently the weather is uncooperative. It'd be better to go to Hakone.
For Day 10/11, since you are so close anyway, be sure to visit Kamakura. It Is well worth it.


Thank you for all the advice.


hi, Toraneko ,

By this JR Hokuriku Area Pass can be used Thunderbird Exp to Kanazawa ?



As said in the pass description, limited express trains (such as the Thunderbird) are covered.


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