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12 days trip advice

12 days trip advice

Dear JRPass Expert

We will visit Japan from 21 Dec - 2 Jan, 2014-2015.
It is our first time traveling in Japan, a country that we have always wanted to see. We are trying to see which pass suit us the best, since there are so many alternatives. We have already booked hotel on the two main destination which is Kyoto and Tokyo.

21 dec: Tokyo, arrival from Narita Airport --> we need to get to our Hotel in Kyoto
22 dec: Day trip to Osaka and then back to Kyoto at night.
23 - 26 dec: Stay in Kyoto (maybe some other day trips to nearby places)
27dec: Kyoto --> Tokyo
2jan: Departure from Narita Airport

So basically we need to travel from Narita airport --> Kyoto --> Osaka --> Kyoto --> Tokyo --> Narita airport
So we where wondering if we should purchase the 14-day pass or are there any cheaper options? Also is the railway pass enough for traveling inside Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka?
We would like to spend the least money as possible on the transportation. Your answer to us is vey appreciated!

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,


Dear Lina,

Welcome to the forum. I checked your itinerary for the best option and would advise a 7 day JRPass for your itinerary. This way all travel from Dec 21st - Dec 27th would be covered, which will be the greater part of travel expanse within Japan. The JR Pass is also handy for local travel in Osaka and between Kyoto, Osaka and Nara (good to know if you plan on an other day trip).

You could then buy normal tickets for travel in Tokyo, which is the more economic way as local travel is relatively low price. Here the Tokyo Metro Day Pass could be very useful.

Hope this helps,

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I hope you had a great trip!

Some day trips to places like [Nara] ( would have been wonderful...


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