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12-day itinerary in japan

12-Day Itinerary in Japan

Hi there! Hope everything is well with everyone. I would like to ask a few questions about the Jr Pass.
First of all, here is my itinerary.

Day 1 - arrival at Kansai International Airport then train to Takayama
Day 2 - Takayama (Shirakawa-go Light up festival)
Day 3-4 - (no plans yet, maybe visit Nara /Hiroshima)
Day 5 - Tokyo (join friends (family of two children))
Day 6 - Disney Land
Day 7 - Sanrio
Day 8 - Mt Fuji (day trip)
Day 9- Kyoto (daytrip)
Day 10 - Tokyo
Day 11 - Tokyo
Day 12- Flight out from Narita

Do you think i need a 14 day JR pass? Can you suggest places to visit from feb 8-9 that the JR pass can cover or any nearby places?

Please help :) This is my first time in Japan :) Thank you!


Hello there :)

Welcome to the forum!

A 14 day JR Pass would be good for the above itinerary, there's a lot of rail travel and the JR Pass will cover nearly all of it. I was wondering how much the current days are set. One reason I am asking this, is that It may make more sense to visit Kyoto when you are already in Kansai (day 3/4?) making a day trip with the Shinkansen from Tokyo certainly is possible but does add extra travel time.

As for suggestions of what to visit, you could consider a visit to Kamakura near Tokyo to see the big Buddha, or go hiking near Matsumoto, Yokohama would also make for a good visit if you wish to see more of the metropolitan life Japan has to offer.

Hope this helps,

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