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11d stay in japan: jrpass or not?

11d stay in Japan: JRPass or not?

Hallo, I would need an advice on how to manage ticket trains/JRPass purchasing during my trip to Japan next month.
My travel plan is the following so far:

Day 1 (Feb 9th): Tokyo Narita Airp.-> Tokyo Katsushita (stay location) and moving in the city by metro
Day 2/3: Tokyo (using the metro for moving in the city)
Day 4: Tokyo -> Kyoto (still not clear which area I will be staying, anyway), and moving in the city by metro
Day 5/6: Kyoto (using the metro for moving in the city)
Day 7: Kyoto-> Nara and back
Day 8: Kyoto-> Kobe and back
Day 9: Kyoto-> Koya San and back (still under evaluation for a 1d outing, I read about the world heritage ticket)
Day 10: Kyoto-> Osaka
Day 11: Osaka-> Osaka Kansai Int.Airport

Hard to understand for me if JRPass is convenient (7d/14d?) or ticket purchasing onsite for metro/trains is preferable.
Could somebody help me please?
Many many thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Nicola,

I checked your itinerary and think that buying tickets on the go is the better option for you.

The JR Pass is great when traveling longer distances, especially with the Shinkansen. In your itinerary this is limited to a one way ticket Tokyo - Kyoto, all other travel is relatively local and travel costs simply don't add up enough for a JR Pass to pay off.

What you could consider buying is a Suica + N'EX package for your travel on the Narita Express from Narita Airport - Tokyo and use the Suica card for traveling around Tokyo and later around Kansai.

I hope this helps!

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thanks Daniel, it does help!


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