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11 days trip to japan

11 Days Trip to Japan


I will be travelling to Japan for 11 days and my itinerary to Japan are as follows:
24 - 27 Feb - Tokyo & Yokohama
27 Feb Yokohama -> Odawara -> Kazamatsuri -> Hakone Yumoto -> Togendai (getting 2 day Hakone Free Pass)
28 Feb Doing Hakone Loop -> Odawara -> Osaka
1 Mar Osaka -> Universal Studios
2 Mar Osaka -> Matsuzaka -> Kyoto -> Osaka
3 Mar Osaka -> Yokohama -> Tokyo
4 Mar Tokyo -> Miyata (Ghibli Museum) -> Tokyo
5 Mar Tokyo -> Haneda Airport

I will be using Suica card on 24 - 26 Feb and start using my JR Rail pass from 27 Feb - 5 Mar.

Have questions as follows:
1. May I know which part of the itinerary is not covered by JR pass other than Hakone? And roughly how much is the extra transport costs?
2. Which station does JR Shinkansen stop at, Osaka or Shin-Osaka? What is the distance in time travelling between the 2 stations?
3. Is it feasible to do lunch at Matsuzaka and day-trip at Kyoto then back to Osaka?
4. What is the cost of taking train or Shinkansen from Shunjuku or Tokyo Main Station to Haneda? How long does it take?

Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.


Hello there,

1.) As far as I see your itinerary, travel between all the cities and places is covered by the JR Pass (outside of Hakone). You may still have to use local transport for within cities but this is also covered by the JR Pass is many cases, for instance travel to Mitaka, Matsuzaka and Haneda Airport can be done using the JR Pass.

2.) It is Shin-Osaka, travel between both stations is only about 5-10 minutes.

3.) Not really, I would either do Kyoto or Matsuzaka (near Tsu i presume) as a day trip. You could make a stop around Kyoto station on the way back to Osaka but I am not sure if there would be time to venture into Kyoto city.

4.) You will want to use the Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport using the JR Pass, which can be boarded from Hamamatsucho station. Like Tokyo and Shinjuku, this station is one the JR Yamanote line and can be reached in about 1H (a bit less) from either station. ~¥ 690 form Shinjuku.

Hope this helps,

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