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11 days (kyoto - osaka - tokyo)

11 Days (Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo)

Hello, I would like to enquire which mode of transportation would be of a better deal for our whole journey of 11 days in Japan.

Is it better for us to get the JR 7 days pass?

How long will it take from Narita to Kyoto and from Kyoto to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Narita?

We will be in Japan from 18-28 May 2016.

We plan to go 3 places: Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

18-21 May (Kyoto and Osaka)

21-28 May (Tokyo)

(18 May) Reach Narita Airport at 2pm.
- Is there direct shinkansen to Kyoto?

(19 May) Explore Kyoto whole day

(20 May) Explore Kyoto whole day

(21 May) Explore Osaka half day and head back to Tokyo

(21 May) Check in Tokyo Airbnb apartment

(22 May) Explore Tokyo from 22-28 May

(28 May) Flight back from Tokyo to Narita Airport.

vivien goh
vivien goh

Hi there,

I do recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for travel from Narita Airport - Kyoto/Osaka and back to Tokyo. This will give you good savings compared to purchasing normal tickets and the JR Pass will be your single ticket for all this travel.

Travel from Narita Airport to Kyoto takes about 1 hours with 1 transfer at Tokyo station. The full route is: take the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo station and transfer there to the Hikari Shinkansen bound for Kyoto. From Kyoto - Tokyo, it takes about 160minutes with the Hikari Shinkansen.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel-san,

Well noted! Will buy the 7 day JR pass from 18-24 May.

  1. Just to confirm from Narita to Kyoto will be about 1 hour. As i saw on Hyperdia it takes 3.5 hours from Narita to Kyoto with 2 times transfer.

Link here:

  1. What pass should we buy for the remaining 4 days in Tokyo itself?

  2. Do we need to reserve seats for the shinkansen and is there additional charges?

vivien goh
vivien goh

Hi again,

I think you mean 1 hour from Narita Airport - Tokyo right in 1.) ?

1.) For Tokyo, consider looking at Tokyo Metro Day passes. These cover a full day of unlimited travel and offer good value if you plan to sightseeing a lot.

2.) The Shinkansen reservations are free with the JR Pass, it is recommended to make a reservation beforehand but you can also take a non-reserved seat.

Hope this helps,

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