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11 days in japan: osaka-kyoto-tokyo-mt.koya-osaka - 7 day jr pass?

11 days in Japan: Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo-Mt.Koya-Osaka - 7 day JR pass?

Hi, thanks for reading this :).
I am heading to Japan on Monday, I've detailed below my itinerary. Could someone please advise if a 7 day JR pass is the best way to go (I will activate it in the route from Kyoto to Tokio on Friday). And then I can use it around in Tokio and then to return to Kyoto?
Or would I be better of buying a 14 day pass so I can also use it from Osaka to Kyoto, and around Kyoto as well.
Really appreciate your help, Camila

Monday arrive to Osaka
Tuesday Kyoto
Wednesday Kyoto
Thursday Kyoto
Friday travel to Tokyo
Sat Tokyo
Sun Tokyo
Mon Tokyo
Tue Tokyo
WedTokyo depart to Mt Koya
Thu Mt Koya to Osaka
Fri return home


Hi Camila,

A 7 day JR Pass is definitely the way to go! I would recommend using it for your trip from Kyoto to Tokyo and then to Osaka (like you already plan to do). You can also use the JR Pass on the local JR Network in Tokyo allowing for some great savings!

Travel around Kyoto is mainly done by bus, you may be interested in buying an all day all day bus pass in Kyoto for 500yen which allows for unlimited bus travel for a single day. A normal bus ride is 220yen each, so it's easy to make savings!

Have a wonderful trip!

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Hi there, I am travelling with Japan for 13 days total, here is my itinerary :-

4 days in Tokyo, (mainly using Yamanote sen and airport trip only)
2 days in Nozawa onsen
2 days in Kyoto
1 night in Hiroshima
1 night in kinosaki onsen
1 night in Osaka
And back to Tokyo for Yamamoto travel and then airport trip.

I was thinking if I purchased a 7 nt pass for all travel for the 7 days I am outside of Tokyo and then pay as I go within Tokyo, it would be better value than buying a 14 day JR. pass? This will be for my partner as well.

Cheers, Andrea


Hello Andrea,

I would also recommend a 7 day JR Pass for this itinerary. There are great savings to be had over normal tickets and you can cover all of your long distance travel.

I would advise using the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket for your arrival in Tokyo and buy normal tickets for the later days.

Hope this helps,

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