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11 day trip to parts of japan, advice please! :)

11 day trip to parts of Japan, advice please! :)

A friend of mine and I are going to Japan in the summer. From 19 to 27 of august we'll be participating in a summer program in Nagasaki. Before this, we want to explore Japan and plan on arriving in Japan the 7th of August. We would like to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Matsumoto (and maybe Osaka if we have time, but that still is undecided.) On the 18th, we have to travel to Nagasaki to be on time for our program.
Does the JRPass provide free travelling to all the cities we want to go to? Or are there limits to where we can travel to?
The sites says that we cannot travel via Nozomi and Mizuho lines, but what effect does that have on our travels, since I'm not sure what that means.

Thank you in advance :)


Hi there,

The JRPass covers all the places you wish to travel to and you will make some really amazing savings if you use it for the above itinerary. The JRPass will get you to almost all cities in Japan, we have a great interactive map to help you with your planning.

The Nozomi and Mizuho trains are the Bullet trains that make the least stops on a route. You can use the Hikari and Sakura trains instead that make a little more stops on the route but there is only a slight difference in total travel time. For instance the difference between the Nozomi and Hikari on the route from Tokyo to Kyoto is just 20 minutes.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have more question!

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