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10days in japan

10days in japan

Hi Daniel,
I'm Finnie, I have a plan to visit Japan in April for 10days, My route of travel is to visit Osaka then Nara,Kyoto,Hakone,Mt.Fuji,Tama and Tokyo.
My questions is like this, do i need a JRPASS to get to all of the places i mentioned? If yes, please let me know which JRPASS to get? and please give me some suggestions as to where to visit when i'm in the city i mentioned above.

Thank You,


Hi Finnie!

I think that it would be best to buy separate tickets for your travel. The JR Pass is pretty neat if you do a certain amount of longer distance travel with it, for instance a return Tokyo - Kyoto quickly pays of. Since you basically go one way Osaka - Tokyo, be it with a couple of really nice stopovers, it would not pay of the use a JR Pass.

As for some tips of what to see and visit:

When you are in Kyoto be sure to visit Kyomizu-dera, this is one of the most beautiful and impressive temples around Kyoto. It is build on the side of a mountain and you can look out over the complete city. Also be sure to walk the streets of Kawaramachi and the close by Nishiki Market these places really convey the traditional atmosphere of the city.

In Tokyo I would suggest a visit Akihabara, known for it's gadgets, anime and electronics. It's something you have to see in order to understand. \

Let me know if you have any specific interests and I could point out some more great places to visit!

Enjoy Japan!

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