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10 days trip to hokkaido & tokyo

10 days trip to Hokkaido & Tokyo

I will be arriving New Chitose Airport on early July. I will be spending 7 days in Sapporo, Furano, Asahikawa, Noboribetsu and Hakodate. Then, spend a day at Aomori before taking Shinkansen to Tokyo.
Should I buy Japan Rail Pass, or combonation of JR East Pass and Hokkaido Rail Pass is more cost effective?


HI there!

I think in your case there are 2 options:

  1. Travel before the 30th of June
  2. Travel after 30th of June

If you travel before the 30th of June, you can use the JR East Pass 3 day special, which will make a Hokkaido Pass, East Pass and transfer to Aomori slightly cheaper than a 14 day whole country pass. If you travel after the 30th of June, the JR East Special will no longer be available, and so it will be more economical to purchase the 14 day whole country pass.

Here are the workings:

Before 30 June Your costs will be ¥37340: ¥22,000 (Hokkaido 7 day) + ¥10,000 (JR East Pass 3 day) + ¥5340 (transfer to Aomori from Hakodate).

After 30 June Your costs will be ¥47340: ¥22,000 (Hokkaido 7 day) + ¥20,000 (JR East Pass) + ¥5340 (transfer to Aomori from Hakodate).

If you are travelling after June, then the combined costs of the various passes will cost ¥2240 more than a whole country 14 day Japan Rail Pass (¥45,100) and so in this a 14 day JR Pass would be your best choice.

Hope this helps!

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