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10 days osaka - kyoto - tokyo- possible to use 7 day?

10 days Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo- Possible to use 7 day?

Hello all - I am planning a 10 day trip to Japan this December and want to avoid buying a 14-day pass if possible. Can anyone advice my itinerary below? I haven;t booked any hotel yet so everything is still flexible:

Original Plan:
Day 1 - Arrive Kansai >> Osaka
Day 2- Travel within Osaka
Day 3 - Travel within Osaka Kyoto
Day 4 - Travel within Kyoto
Day 5 - Travel within Kyoto
Day 6 - Kyoto > Tokyo
Day 7 - Travel within Tokyo
Day 8 - Travel within Tokyo
Day 9 - Tokyo > Kyoto
Day 10 - Travel within Osaka/Kyoto

1) Should I move around the itinerary to make better use of JRPass?

2)How can I best use my JRpass?
What option will save me more money?

3) Also, are there other cheaper options to travel around Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo? If yes where should I avail that?

I am a newbie to Japan so I am not quite familiar with what JR pass can be used and how much local travel will costs. For example, if I travel within tokyo from Chibuya to Shinjuku, how much is it single ticket? similarly from Gion to Higashiyama, etc.

Please help by providing some feedbacks!! I appreciate any comments as I am not sure where to start!! THANK YOU!


Hi there,

1 and 2 .) Your itinerary makes sense, using a JR Pass is done best on the longer trips. Think of Kyoto - Tokyo and Tokyo - Kyoto. With this in mind, I recommend using a JR Pass from day 3-9. You can get right away on the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto this way and make the best use of the JR Pass.

3.) Local travel in itself is quite cheap compared longer travel on high speed trains. There are day cards available for the Tokyo metro, Kyoto bus/metro and Osaka metro. This way you can cap you spending and make small savings as well, if you do a lot of local sightseeing. A local ticket is anywhere from 100yen to 300yen. A good average is 200yen/ride. The JR Pass is good for local travel on the JR network in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and you can make savings this way too.

Hope this helps,

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That is super helpful Daniel. Thanks for taking time to respond


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