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10 days in japan ( tokyo, kyoto, nara and tokyo )

10 Days In Japan ( Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo )


Can you help me and see if my itinerary is feasible? Also would my 7 days JR Pass is enough or effective or I should combine it with some other form of single trip on the Shinkansen? Thanks for your help.

5th Dec 2016 9 pm Arrive Tokyo Haneda Airport

                             Proceed to Tokyo City Hotel

6th Dec 2016 Tokyo West area sigh seeing
7th Dec 2016 Tsukiji market sight seeing and others
8th Dec 2016 Proceed to Kyoto via Shinkansen
9th Dec 2016 Kyoto sight seeing
10th Dec 2016 Kyoto sight seeing
11th Dec 2016 Proceed to Nara
12th Dec 2016 Sight seeing Nara
13th Dec 2016 Proceed back to Tokyo via Kyoto
14th Dec 2016 Tokyo - Fuji Mointain sight seeing
15th Dec 2016 8am Proceed to Haneda Airport

This is my preliminary plan. Please advice alternatives if there is any. Thanks once again for your help.


Hi there,

I think a 7 day JR Pass would be great if used for the return Tokyo - Kyoto in the period 8th - 14th of December. This way you cover all of your costly travel and put the JR Pass to good use.

The travel plan looks good, so I don't have much to add to it. Its great that you stay a night in Nara. After 5 o'clock the official opening hours are done and most tourist leave. This way you can enjoy Nara a lot more and shoot some really cool pictures.

Enjoy your stay!

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