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10 day trip

10 day trip


We are traveling to Japan next 23 March.
We are going to stay in Japan 11 days, arriving Tokyo MNarch 23- 2013 and living from tokyo April 2 -2013
Could you help us with the itinerary , and the rail pass, and the temorary visitor information.

Tnak you a lo from Mexico



Hi there,

To help you with your itinarary it would be usefull to know what kind of things you are interested in.
Since you will be traveling for 10 days I would recommand a 7-day JR-Pass and spend the last couple of days in Tokyo.
With the JR-Pass you could visit Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima for instance.

If you have a mexican passport you won't have to apply for a Visa before comming to Japan, if your reason for visiting Japan is tourism.

Hope this helps,

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