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would a japan rail pass make sense for this 7 day itinerary?

would a japan rail pass make sense for this 7 day itinerary?

We are a family of four, including kids aged 7 and 9 years old.

We are planning to be in Tokyo, then head to Hakone on the train. From Hakone, we'll go to Kyoto where we'll also do a day trip to Nara. Then we'll return to Tokyo from Kyoto.

If we don't activate the Rail Pass right when we arrive in Tokyo, all the travel outlined above will take place in 7 days.

Would a Japan Rail Pass make sense for us?


Hi there!

Absolutely it would make great sense to buy a JR Pass for this itinerary, the pass covers all travel between places and you just need one ticket for all your travel.!

I should add that travel to Hakone is covered, you can even use the Bullet train between Tokyo and Odawara station. Odawara is the gateway station for Hakone and makes for a good base from where you can explore the area. However do note that travel within Hakone is not included in the JR Pass. Even so, you'll me making good savings with it! Also kids below 12 are half price.

I hope this helps!

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