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worth it?

Worth it?


I would like to find out if the below itinerary is worth to buy the 7 days passes?

We will arrive in Osaka at 10pm and plan to go Tokyo straight away, is there still train available at that time?

Our brief itinerary is as below:

Osaka - Tokyo

In Tokyo, we planned to go Disneysea, local attraction like roppongi hill

Tokyo - Mount Fuji & 箱根 - Kyoto - Osaka

May I ask if is much worthwhile to buy the 7 days passes as we will be there from 3rd to 9th?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. If you are in the Osaka RR station at 10PM you will have missed the last express train. If you are at the airport at 10 PM, you are at least 30 minutes away from Shin-Osaka station by bus. You then travel from Shin-Osaka to Osaka to get a train. In both cases there is a train that travels for 7 hours from Osaka to Tokyo starting just past midnight and arriving at 7am. That train may not be covered by a JR pass - I think it is a different company.

  2. If you want to know about JR costs, go to You can enter all your travel destinations and see costs and travel times. You will also find very good details about departure times. You cannot use the JR Pass on the fastest express train - called Nozomi. The slightly slower trains, for which the pass is good, tend to depart about once per hour.

  3. In general, if you travel round-trip from Kyoto/Osaka to Tokyo it is worth it. In Tokyo you can use the pass on the Yamanote Subway Line, which circles Tokyo.



Hi There,

We have slight change on our plan, below is the itinerary:

Day 1 - Osaka

Day 2 - Osaka local tour

Day 3 - Kyoto

Day 4 - Hakone + Mount Fuji

Day 5 - Tokyo

Day 6 - back to Osaka from Tokyo

Can you please have a breakdown of the rail way that can use JR pass? And is it worth it to buy a 7 days passes?

And from Osaka to Tokyo, are we travel on skinkashen line?

Many thanks


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