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will the jrp cover this itinerary?

Will the JRP cover this itinerary?

Hi there!

I'm travelling to Japan on september, and I'm buying the JRP. I thought all my itinerary would be covered, but I've checked on Google Maps and some trips don't show the JRP logo :(

I've also checked this website map, and I've been able to find all the places I want to visit, but I would like to confirm my JRP will cover all, just in case:

  • Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo (There's an extra fee on this one, right? How much?)
  • Tokyo - Nagoya
  • Nagoya - Takayama
  • Takayama - Osaka
  • Osaka- Nara
  • Osaka - Koyasan
  • Koyasan - Kyoto
  • Kyoto - Tokyo

How many time would I spend in each one route more or less?

Thanks a lot!!


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers all of these routes with the exception of travel between Osaka and Koya-san. Outside of this, all travel is included, even travel between Tokyo and Nikko.

Travel to Koya from Osaka costs around 1,500yen for one way depending on train service used. To travel from Koya-san to Kyoto, first travel back to Osaka and use the JR from there to Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much, Daniel-san!!


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