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which rail pass to be use for kansai ?

Which rail pass to be use for Kansai ?

Hi, I'll be have 8 day in Japan with my family , the plan is

Day 1 - Flight from Shanghai to Osaka then catch a train from Kansai airport to Kyoto
Day 2 - Kyoto visit - Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社, Uji 宇治, Nishiki 錦市場
Day 3 - Kyoto visit - Mount Hiei 比叡山, Kyoto Tower at night
Day 4 - Kyoto visit - The Sagano Line 嵯峨野線 small train line and the bamboo walk
Day 5 - Train from Kyoto back to Osaka
Day 6, 7 - stay in Osaka may looking some onsen
Day 8 - from hotel train to Kansai airport and flight to Shanghai

I would like to know which rail pass suitable to be used in my trip and any rail pass need to be purchased before leaving Australia

Ba Tran
Ba Tran

Hi there!

As you won't be leaving the Kansai area, I don't recommend the nationwide JR Pass for your trip. For your itinerary I think I recommend looking into the following passes which can be purchased on arrival at Kansai airport:

Hope this helps!

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