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which passes should i buy

Which Passes should I buy

Hi, I will be travelling to Japan this coming mid dec (spending about 10 days), as this is the 1st time travelling to Japan with family (3 kids-4,8 and 11yrs). I would like to check which rail pass is suitable for my trip as i will be flying in from Haneda Airport in 0530am and leave on 24 Dec from Nagrita Airport. My itinerary will be such:

Day 1: Reach Haneda Airport and go straight to Gala Yuzawa spent a 3days 2 night
Day 2: Gala Yuzawa
Day 3: Back from Gala Yuzawa to Tokyo (looking for apartment in Shinjuku area),
Day 4: Disneyland
Day 5: Disney Sea
Day 6: A day trip to (Nissan Cup noodle museum) in Yokohama
Day 7-9: Maybe Hakone or just stay in Tokyo and explore museum
Day 10: Back to Singapore

I am open to all suggested Itinanery as this is a 1st visit to Japan, I hope the trip will not be too tire for the kids
Plus I am quite confuse about the JR pass and JR East pass. Please advice me on which passes should I use or should I get a normal Suica Card.


Hello there,

I checked your itinerary to see if a JR Pass would be useful but in this itinerary normal ticket prices are below that of the JR Pass or JR East Pass.

There used to be a very nice option from the JR Kanto Pass with a Gala Yuzawa option but I am not sure if it will return this year. Get it if it does, otherwise just buy normal tickets.

As in general, don't worry about tiring the kids there is not a huge amount of travel in your itinerary and the Disney Resorts are great visits for everyone.

Hope this helps,

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