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which jr ticket is most suite for this trip route.

Which JR ticket is most suite for this Trip route.

We (2adults/1kid) are planning to travel Tokyo on 20Oct to 24Oct. I search all information about transportation and found so many option. Could I have your advise about ticket type that is most suite to us, please?

Here is our rough trip plan.

20 Oct
Narita Airport -->> to -->> Shinjuku
Shinjuku -->> to -->> Imperial Palce > Ueno Park > Sky Tree > Tokyo Station > Harajuku

21 Oct
City sightseeing

22 Oct
Shinjuku -->> to -->> Ginza
Ginza -->> to -->> Disneyland
Disneyland -->> to -->> Ginza

23 Oct
Ginza -->> to -->> Asakusa > Nakamise > Shibuya
Shibuya -->> to -->> National Science Museum
National Science Museum -->> to -->> Ginza
Ginza -->> to -->> Narita Station

24 Oct
Narita Station -->> to -->> Narita Airport

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1) I am considering to buy Suica+NEX (3500 yen), not sure that is most fit or not.
2) I am also considering to buy JR city pass (780yen) for each 4 days, not sure that is most fit or not. Someone said, buy time-by-time ticket is most fit to me rather than JR city pass.

I am very appreciate your advise for me to make the plan smoother. Thank you.


Hi Toto,

I think in your situation I would recommend the unlimited Tokyo Metro pass. Your itineraries are quite full, and you will inevitably do more Metro travel than you have planned in advance as it is so convenient. I recommend the following for you:

  1. Keisei Skyliner + 2 day metro pass
  2. Special 2 day open ticket

This will cover your travel to and from Narita Airport, and give you 4 days of unlimited travel on the Tokyo Metro system. The costs of these two combined deals (excluding the keisei skyliner costs) works out to roughly ¥1060 for 4 days unlimited metro travel, or an amazing ¥265 per day. Note that these deals are only available at Narita Airport, so be sure you purchase them when you land! Also, the costs will be 1/2 price for your child if they are under 12.

Please note that for Disneyland you will have to pay ¥210 for the JR train to Maihama from Tokyo station.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much. Your answer is very helpful. Appreciate your service mind.


No problem! let me know if you need any further help!

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