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which jr pass will be best for me?

Which JR pass will be best for me?


I realise that I am planning quite a way in advance, however I have just booked all the hotels and am now wanting to get a rough idea of how much money will be needed for travel.

Im looking to get the price for one person (all things assuming I just need to double it for two!!) and we will be going for a month. The itinerary below is a rough guide of what we plan to do within each area however the dates on which we do these may alter, but if you see anything that you think should be a miss please let me know too :)

I've also listed this below on month dates as its simply easier for me.

Starting April:
29th - Arrive in Tokyo HND, travel to Shinjuku
30th - around tokyo
1st - Mount Kuji base or Hakone
2nd - Shinjuku exploration
3rd - Yoyogi Park & Ueno Park & Zoo
4th - Asakusa
5th - there will be a doll event at Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre one of the early may days, itinerary dates will change when the specific date is confirmed early April.
6th - around tokyo
7th - travel to Nagoya - in afternoon
8th - around Nagoya
9th - travel to Osaka in afternoon
10th - unsure
11th - Minoo park
12th - Himeji castle as it'll be restored by then
13th - Osaka Aquarium
14th - Kinosaki
15th - travel to Kyoto in afternoon
16th - Mount Koya
17th - Arashiyama
18th - Nara
19th - Northern kyoto
20th - Eastern kyoto
21st - rest day, potter around area near to hotel travel to Tokyo in afternoon
22nd - Tokyo disneyland (or disneysea)
23rd - shopping days (Akihabara, Nakano and Shibuya)
24th - shopping days (Akihabara, Nakano and Shibuya)
25th - shopping days (Akihabara, Nakano and Shibuya)
26th- shopping days (Akihabara, Nakano and Shibuya)
27th - early flight travel to HND airport


Hi there,

Your itinerary looks great and I don't see any misses or things that are not working out. The visit to Northern Kyoto and Eastern Kyoto are well thought out and 4 days shopping in Akihabara is a good choice as well. If you like Akihabara, also consider visiting Den Den Town in Osaka. It's Osaka's Akihabara but much less aimed at tourists.

I don't have much else to add, let me know if you have any questions!

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Many thanks Daniel :)

I was also wondering on input on what the best JR pass would be? (I put my question in the wrong section to begin with)

Many thanks!!


Sorry totally dreamed off when I read your itinerary and forgot about the title.

As for the JR Pass, that's actually a hard question! I checked the route and a 14 day JR Pass would be the best choice if you'd use it from when travel to Nagoya on the 7th and also use it to return to Tokyo. However the return is now on the 21st . Which actually would be a period of 15 days. This would mean that some re-scheduling would have to be done to accommodate a the JR Pass. An easy adjustment could be ti take an early train in the morning of the 8th instead of going to Nagoya on the 7th. An other option of course would be to just buy tickets as you travel.

If you do go for the JR Pass, than I would really recommend visiting Hiroshima on the 10th. Hiroshima is one of the core experiences which Japan can offer and visit to the peace museum and memorial park are things which you will never forget. Additionally in the noon you could head over to Miyajima which is not to be missed either. Also this would really help you make the best of the JR Pass!

Hope this helps!

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