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which jr pass to use for this itinerary? also some itinerary questions..

Which JR Pass to use for this Itinerary? Also some itinerary questions..

July 3 (Fri)
Arrive at Osaka (KIX)
From KIX go to Kyoto via Ltd. Express Train Haruka
Explore Kyoto

July 4 (Sat)
Tour with ToursbyLocal
Nijo castle, Sanjusangendo, Fushimi Inari, Tofukuji, Gion

July 5 (Sun)
More Kyoto Exploration

July 6 (Mon)
Arashiyama Area Bamboo Forest and Tenryuuji
Kinkakuji and Ryoanji
Head to Osaka to check in to Hotel over there

July 7 (Tue)
Explore Osaka / Tanabata festival

July 8 (Wed)
Go see Himeji Castle / Himeji Day Tour

July 9 (Thurs)
From Osaka head early to Kinosaki Onsen (Osaka Station - Kounotori 9:10am)
Overnight at a ryokan

July 10 (Fri)
Explore Kinosaki Onsen till 12noon and then head back to Osaka and check in to Osaka Hotel
Rest for two hours and then head out to do last minute shopping and get some souvenirs

July 11 (Sat)
Train to the airport (KIX)
Flight back home @ 12:55pm

If I buy JR Kansai WIDE Pass, when should I activate a four day pass? Or will three days be better? And then I also plan to get ICOCA + Haruka... should I get one way or round trip?

Or is there an alternative that will be much better?

Thanks in advance!

By the way, I will be in Osaka in July 7 for Tanabata, will there be any Tanabata festival celebrations in Kyoto that will be better? I heard Osaka is doing a river light up and they also have a celebration at Shitennoji hence I chose to be at Osaka on the 7th. If there is anything in Kyoto worth seeing, please let me know. :)

Is it true that you can see fireflies along Path of Philosophy during summer? Around what time do they show up?

Is it worth spending a whole afternoon in summer at the Kyoto Botanical Garden or should I just explore more temples? Is the Kyoto Botanical garden different from your regular botanical garden?


Hello there,

Kinosaki onsen and Himeji are the furthest away. So it would make sense to cover them using your pass, then try to cover as much other travel with the pass as well to make the best savings possible.

For the Tanabata festival in Kyoto, please have a look at this website. It does look nice but I can't give a direct comparison with Osaka. I think both are good :)

It is true that you can view fireflies on a late summer evening (at least the legends say so).

I've not visited the Kyoto botanical gardens, so I can't comment on it. However there's a lot of temples in Kyoto, visiting a couple and then focusing on something else sounds like a smart idea.

Hope this helps,

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