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which day to activate my japan rail pass?

Which day to activate my Japan Rail Pass?

Hi I will be going to Japan next February for 10 days, and I want to check which days is most worth it as I want to make full use of my 7 Day pass.

20 Feb Day 1
Arrive in Narita Airport at 2.30pm, check in at shimbashi hotel, maybe walk around the area/go to character street in basement of Tokyo Station.

21 Feb Day 2
Go visit Jigokudani Hot Spring monkeys( Day Trip) and return to tokyo at night.

22 Feb Day 3
Visit Rabbit Island at Okushima island(Day Trip) and return to tokyo at night.

23 Feb Day 4
Shibuya/Shinjuku Shopping

24 Feb Day 5
More tokyo Shopping

25 Feb Day 6
Visit Gala Yuzawa to do some snow sight-seeing(Day Trip) and return to tokyo at night.

26 Feb Day 7
Shopping for Watches at Nagano(Kame-kichi) and back to shinjuku to shop at Houseki-hiroba and some other shops.

27 Feb Day 8
Tokyo Shopping

28 Feb Day 9
Visit some parks/Tokyo shopping

1March Day 10
Check out of hotel and go to airport to get ready for flying home.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Desmond,

I would advise the 7 day JR Pass for your travel and use it from Feb 20th - Feb 26th. This way you could cover all pricey travel with it and you will make great savings at the same time.

That only leaves travel for the last couple of days in Tokyo and back to the Airport. Within Tokyo you could consider buying a Suica card for easy access or buy a Tokyo Metro Day Pass which is also great for exploring the city.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

It really helped! Thanks a ton!


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