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where to stay and how to travel to and from hakone

Where to stay and how to travel to and from Hakone

I am planning to arrive at Hakone from Nagoya and was thinking of arriving through Odawara. I have not made up my mind about where to stay because staying close to the lake will take me aprox 1.5 hrs to get there. Is it possible to travel back from Gotemba or should I return through Odawara (I have the JR pass) ? Also since I will arrive i he afternoon and leave in the morning I wonder if it is worth the trouble and if I should buy the Hakone free pass if I only use 2 kinds of transportation. Thank you so much for the orientation.


Hi there,

Odawara serves as the gateway to Hakone and can be reached using the Shinkansen. Therefor it would be a great idea to make your base at Odawara from where you can explore Hakone and Gotemba before traveling on to Tokyo.

Hakone is all interconnected so the route you travel does not matter that much. You may find this map useful.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for your answer. Since I will spend the night I am thinking of staying in the Hanoke Yumoto area.
Then do the roundtrip with the different transportation options. Since I have paid the JR pass I believe the Hanoke free pass doe not make sense, would you know ?


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