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when to activate the jr pass

When to activate the JR Pass

Dear Sir/Madame,

We arrive to Narita on Sept. 27th and stay for a total of 11 days, we bought 7 day JR passes.

-First 4 days tour Tokyo and then maybe go to Mt. Fuji sourrondings -On the 5th day go to Kyoto and stay there for 6 days taking a day trip to Nara and staying 1 night in Kyoto Ohara Region. - 10th day go back to Tokyo from Kyoto and take train to Narita

I am not sure when would it be best to activate my JR Pass and or what to buy extra to supplement the days in which it will not be active.

thank you in advance for the help provided



Hi there,

I think in your position I would do the following:

Metro pass deals on arrival into Narita

Purchase one of either:

These will to cover getting into town and your first few days of metro travel in Tokyo at a discounted rate.

I think if you're going to be in Tokyo for more than a few days, the NEX + Suica is possibly a better choice. Bear in mind that as it's a limited prepaid card (rather than infinite use day pass) it very much depends on your travel plans - break out the calculator ;).

Note that you can also purchase discounted 1 or 2 day metro passes at Narita. A good choice for you could be the Keisei Skyliner + 2 day pass deal, supplemented with a further 2 day metro pass (¥980 for 2 days) to take you up to the end of day 4. Please note that these discounted passes can only be purchased at Narita airport.

If you go to Mt Fuji

I recommend looking into Hakone for an overnight stay. You can purchase the 2 day Odakyu Hakone Free Pass for departure from Shinjuku in Tokyo for this.

JR Pass activation on day 5-11

Activate your JR Pass on day 5 for your trip down to Kyoto, travel to Nara and the region and then back up to Narita.

Hope this helps!

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