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when does jr change their timetables?

When does JR change their timetables?


I wish to use Hylerdia to check my itinerary times for October 2013. When does JR officially change their timetables (soon I think) for the October period? Though they don't change much, they might add trains or stations to places I'm planning on visiting, namely the Sanriku coast, and the stations and availability may change. In essence, I'd like to know when the whole of Japan Rail (East and Central) changes their timetables. Thank you for your responses!



Hi there!

JR East and Central update their full printed timetables with amendments every month (eg, here is the JR timetable for March), however the digital versions are released each quarter with the next update available in June/July time. There should also be another digital timetable release around september/october time which will be just in time for your trip.

I hope this helps!

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