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what passes should i be buying and other questions...

What passes should I be buying and other questions...


I will be traveling to Narita Airport on 2/28, arriving at 2 pm.
1. Stay in Tokyo, Shinjuku region for 2 nights.
2. Leaving ~2 pm from Tokyo to Takayama; staying 2 nights.
3. From Takayama, stop at Shirakawago for the day, then go to Kanazawa and stay for 3 nights.
* While in Kanazawa, take a day trip to Nikko. 4. From Kanazawa, go to Kyoto for 5 nights.
* While in Kyoto, take a day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima Island, * Another day trip to Mt. Koya, and * Half a day trip to Himeji castle. 5. From Kyoto, go to Nara for 1 night.
6. From Nara, go to Hakone for 1 night.
7. From Hakone, go to Tokyo, Narita Airport with the flight leaving at 6 pm.
Total is 14 nights, 15 days.
My questions:
If the JR pass is good for us, when should we activate the JR Pass?
What other passes should I be buying to save money, or, can I use the JR Pass once I arrive, until the end of the trip?
How to get from Takayama to Kanazawa via Shirakawago using the JR Pass?
Do you recommend the ropeways, like in Takayama and Miyajima Island. Can the JR Pass be used?
How to get to Mt. Koya from Kyoto using the JR Pass.
Does a JR Pass give discounts on visiting the World Heritage sites (Koyasan, Shirakawago, for example)?
Can I use the JR Pass in Hakone to get around or to see Mt. Fuji?
Any recommendations on my travel would be appreciated.

Thank You.


You asked virtually the same questions already previously, and the access info has not changed. If you wish to go see Nikko, you should do so from Tokyo and before leaving for Takayama. Backtracking from Kanazawa to go to Nikko would be a serious mistake and waste of time.
Please re-read your original question, since the same answers apply.

Best of luck.


Hi there,

While not impossible there is a lot of going back and forth between places, adding a lot of extra travel time. Going to Nikko from Kanazawa is one such example. Possible you are a big train fan but if not, I would look at the routes and you plan travel and ask yourself if you want to be travelling that much. Once that's decided finalise your itinerary.

I also I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia this way you can find any route/timetable and more. It's a great tool for planning with the JR Pass. We also have a useful interactive map with all JR lines included. It will also give you a feel of distances and travel times included.

That said, I do think that the JR Pass is the best option. As it will give you good savings compared to purchasing normal tickets and covers most of your itinerary.

The JR Pass should be considered as a rail ticket and does not provide additional discounts elsewhere. Such as in Shirakawa-go.

For Fuji see:

Hope this helps,

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