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what pass or passes should we get?

What pass or passes should we get?

Hi all,

We are a family of 4 travelling around Japan in April. I am trying to work out the best pass to get. This is our itinerary:

Arrive Narita 10 April.
Arrive Kyoto 14 April
Day trips to Hiroshima, Nara, Amanohashidate
Arrive Takayama 22 April
Arrive Hakone 25 April
Arrive Tokyo Disney 28 April
Leave from Narita 30 April

Are there regional passes we can get our do I just bite the bullet and get a 21 day pass?

Any ideas most welcome. Thanks


Hi there!

I love your plan, there's a lot of variety in it and you also have a good amount of time to spend in each place. Amanohashidate is a great visit as well, you could also hop over to Kinosaki-Onsen from there to enjoy a night at an Onsen Ryokan.

As for what JR Pass to use. I think that either the 14 or 21 day JR Pass would be a good option. The 14 day JR Pass could be used from April 14th - 27th and you would cover most of your otherwise expansive travel with it (assuming that you would be back in Tokyo by the end of the 27th). Travel around Tokyo is not very expansive and you could buy a Narita + Suica package for the first couple of days. This package gives you a discounted ticket on the Narita Express to Tokyo and also has a Suica card which makes travel around Tokyo very convenient.

If you really don't want to think about tickets, consider the 21 day JR Pass for your whole journey. It would basically cover all rail travel, with the exception of local travel in Hakone. The difference in price between the 21 and 14 day JR Pass is 12,600 yen. I don't think that you would do this amount of travel right in Tokyo. A return Tokyo - Narita Airport is roughly 6,000yen for normal tickets. However you could consider a 21 JR Pass is you want to the extra flexibility or in case that you would wish to make a day trip from Tokyo, to Nikko for instance.

I hope this helps!

PS: for your travel in Hakone, take a look at the Hakone Free Pass it may help you get some good discounts, depending on what you wish to see in Hakone.

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Thanks Daniel, they look like some good ideas. Would love to save a bit by not getting a 21 day pass.


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