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what kind of pass for our itinerary?

What kind of pass for our itinerary?

  1. We arrive at Osaka airport (KIX) on March 6. Travel to Kyoto same day. Stay in Kyoto from 3/6-3/12.
  2. Travel from Kyoto to Uno and Naoshima Island. Stay at Benesse House through 3/14.
  3. Return to Kyoto on 3/14.
    4.Travel from Kyoto to Miyama-cho, Nantan on 3/17. Stay in Miyama until 3/20.
    5 Return to Kyoto on 3/20 through 3/22.
  4. Travel from Kyoto to KIX on 3/22.

If we feel there is time, may also do a trip to the town of Echizan from Kyoto. We also will be doing some local travel in and around Kyoto. thanks, Gideon.


Hi there!

Interesting itinerary!
I think that a Kansai Wide Pass could be of interest for your travel from Kyoto - Uno and back again. The pass is 7,000 yen while a return ticket alone is 16,960 yen.

How the rest I'd use normal tickets to travel around as travel distances within Kansai are not far apart and ticket prices low.

Have a great trip!

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