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what kind of jrpass is suitible for our itinerary?

What kind of Jrpass is suitible for our itinerary?

We are a family of four (2 ad + 11 & 14) and plan to visit Japan in October.
Our itinerary is as follows:
Tokyo - 3 nights
Matsumoto - 1 n
Shirakawa-go - 2n
Kyoto (Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima) - 5 n
Koya san - 1 n
Naoshima island - 1n
Tokyo - 2n

My questions are:
Is this itinerary feasible?
We plan to purchase a 14 days jrpas tictets - what kind of tickets (area) will cover all these places?

Thank you in advance


Hi there,

Yes, your plan certainly works. However I would not spend 2 nights in Shirakawa-go, unless you have a very specific plan. Shirakawa-go is very beautiful but you can see everything within 3 hours, even if you explore the village at your leisure you would not know what to do after 6 hours.

Instead I would recommend staying in Takayama or Kanazawa.

The JR Pass covers nearly all your rail travel, outside of the last part between Osaka - Koya-san, additionally the bus to Shirakawago is not included.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much Daniel.
It did helped.


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