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what jr pass should i get?!

What JR pass should I get?!

Hello All!

I am flying to Osaka Kansai on 11 December.

Itinerary as below.

Land on 11 December Osaka, then destination will include in sequence - Shirahama, Wakayama, Kyoto, Nara, Mount Koya, Osaka, then flying back to HOng Kong on 19 December.

What JR pass should I get for the MOST cost effective way? Thank you for your help in advance! : )

Kaki : )

Kaki Pants
Kaki Pants

Hi Kaki!

Looks like a great trip! Love the idea of visiting Shirahama, although it may be a little cold in winter.
As for what tickets would pay off, the only ticket that includes the Wakayama area is the Kansai Wide Pass (and the JRPass of course) but I don`t think that you would be able to make much savings with it, because the price is 7000 yen and all covered travel would only just amount to this, so you may as well just buy normal tickets as you travel without having to plan to the restrictions of an area pass.

I hope this helps!

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Cool! Thanks Daniel-San! Is there a website that I can check the cost of single trip/return trips of specific journey? I got the 4 days wide Kansai pass last time. But I managed to go to shirahama-Kyoto-Nara-back to Kyoto within 4 days. So it was little bit more cost effective. This time, am planning to stay in Kyoto a little bit longer so the 4 days pass is probably not the best option, right??? Kaki

Kaki Pants
Kaki Pants

Hi again!

Yes I would recommand using ticket prices and other route information. Also see our guide on how to plan with Hyperdia to get you started.

Yes I think that the Kansai Wide Pass probably won't give you good value for your money and probably the best way to get around is to get normal tickets.

For quick reference:
Kyoto - Osaka 540 yen
Kyoto - Nara 690 yen
Kyoto - Kobe 1080 yen
Mount Koya - Only covered up to Osaka.

The Kansai Wide Pass also does not allow for seat reservations which means you will have to line up for a seat before you travel and may not have a seat during busy weekends. Personally this is a real deal breaker.

I hope this helps too!

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Thanks again! Daniel San for the useful information! Think I will still get the Kansai wide area pass. Cuz from Kansai airport to shirahama is pricey to buy single trip and probably will head to koyasan straight after shirahama. Was planning to go koyasan from kyoto after a few days in Kyoto, but it's really pain in the butt to go there from kyoto with no JR pass, will get a Kansai Thru Pass tho. So shirahama, koyasan Nara in the first four days sounds more better value. So looking forward to it! December pls come soon! : )

Kaki Pants
Kaki Pants

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