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what jr pass should i buy to optimize my trip?

What JR Pass should I buy to optimize my trip?

Please see attached my planned itinerary. What Pass should I buy to optimize my trip?

17/dez Tokyo (arrives NRT)
18/dez Tokyo
19/dez Sapporo (Tokyo - Sapporo by flight)
20/dez Sapporo
21/dez Sapporo - Daytrip: Otaru
22/dez Tokyo (Sapporo - Tokyo by flight)
23/dez Tokyo
24/dez Hakone
25/dez Nikko
26/dez Tokyo
27/dez Tokyo
28/dez Tokyo - Day trip: Disneyland
29/dez Tokyo
30/dez Taipei (Tokyo - Taipei by flight)
31/dez Taipei
01/jan Taipei
02/jan Okinawa (Taipei - Okinawa by flight)
03/jan Okinawa
04/jan Nagoya (Okinawa - Nagoya by flight)
05/jan Yudanaka
06/jan Kanazawa
07/jan Takayama
08/jan Kyoto
09/jan Kyoto
10/jan Kyoto
11/jan Kyoto - Day trip: Nara
12/jan Kyoto
13/jan Osaka
14/jan Osaka - Day trip: Hiroshima - Miyajima
15/jan Osaka - Day trip: Himeji Castle
16/jan Osaka (depart KIX)


Hi there,

Given the amount of travel in your itinerary, I think a 14 day JR pass would work very well for the last part of your trip. Basically it would cover all travel from Nagoya (only exemption being Nagano - Yudanaka). You'll be moving quite a bit and this can cost a lot without a JR Pass. Also, I see you have quite a number of days in Kyoto, if you would like to add an additional day trip. Then Kinosaki Onsen is a great option.

Most of your travel at the beginning of your itinerary is by plane, so I would just buy normal tickets there for the travel that you will do by rail.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel-san, thank you very much for your valuable advices

I have two additional questions for you, if possible:

  1. What about the first part of the Journey? Should I have a JR pass too, considering travel to Hakone, Nikko and internal trips in Hokkaido (In Hokkaido, besides day trip Otaru, I should have another day trip to Jozankei Onsen)

  2. I am thinking that doing both Kanazawa and Takayama in the second part of the trip is too much travel for too few time. One option could be sleeping two nights at Yudanaka/Shibu Onsen to take advantage of the Onsen there and then choose between only Kanazawa or only Takayama, staying more time there. What do you think about it? It is a family trip with a 2,5 years old kid. If needed to choose between Kanazawa and Takayama, what would you recommend at this season (considering this is our first trip to Japan)?

thank you very much,


Hi Marcello,

1.) No I don't think you could make saving using a JR Pass for the first trips in Japan. Simply because transport between these places does not cost a lot.

2.) I do think it would be nice a bit more time in Takayama and Kanazawa, you could perhaps add a night from Kyoto to Kanazawa? Otherwise I think I would pick Kanazawa over Kyoto, just because it offers more variety. For instance, there is Kenryoku-en Garden, Kanazawa Castle, Samurai houses and different museums. On the other hand Takayama is a great visit if you want to see more about Japanese culture and history.

Hope this helps,

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