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what is the cost of train?

What is the cost of Train?

Hi there, me and my partner planning to visit Japan in Autumn (11th Nov till 18th Nov). I am wonder if I should buy the 7 days JR Pass or go via others option. Here is my plan below, and need what is the train fare like:

1) Narita Int.Airport to Tokyo
2) Tokyo to Osaka
3) Osaka to Nara
4) Nara to Kobe
5) Kobe to Osaka
6) Osaka to Kyoto
7) Kyoto to Hakone
8) Hakone to Tokyo
9) Tokyo to Haneda Int.Airport

Please advise how much is it cost if without the 7Days JR Pass.

Thank you!

Yours sincerity,


Hi, Aries

You know ?
It tells the schedules of trains, including the Shinkansen, the ticket prices, travel time, connections.

Have app for the iPhone, but the last time I used it only has 30 days validity!
I copied the iPhone's screen with travel path I wanted to show the JR staff.
Very useful.

Good Trip!


Hi there,

That's great advise from sseijiis!

Additionally, you can use the JR Pass Fare Calculator to find an approximate ticket cost of a single route or even your full itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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