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visiting japan march 22, 2016 using jr green - 1st class

Visiting Japan March 22, 2016 using JR green - 1st class

We are traveling March 22. Arriving in Narita at 4pm. March 23. WE found hotels for Kyoto only for 2 nights March 23 to 25. We will be flying back April 5th. 14 days trip

This is how we are planning the itinerary:
USA to Narita
Kumamoto Kumamoto
Tokyo - Nikko day trip
Tokyo - kamakura day trip
Narita Airpot overnight- USA

I am trying to figure out if this itinerary is good

I already have hotels for Kyoto and Nara.
I'm not sure if the rail train pass can be used all the way?
Do you suggest any changes. I must get hotels to finalize plans. We are flexible, wanting to see culture, cherry blossom and temples, etc.

Help me in the train route, please!


Hello there,

This is a good start! The JR Pass covers travel between all these places and you can make amazing savings compared to purchasing normal tickets.

I must say that I am not completely sure about including Kumamoto, its a long way south, even from Hiroshima. Have a look at the travel times involved using and decide if you want to spend that amount of travelling. As alternative, consider a visit to Takayamatsu from where it is easy to make a day trip to Naoshima.

Also love the visits to Nikko and Kamakura near the end of the trip.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san,
We hace a business meeting in Kumamoto.
My plan is to take trains with Long distancies early and posible rest while traveling. Aldo it will be nice to See The countrysides.

I do wang to go to Nikko. It Serna beautiful. So much beauty and not enough time.
To see the most we can we will be looking for local tour guides for a day. It will be good!
Thank you very much for your response. We received s cancellation from hotel that confirmed and find out no rooms, so the first 2 days we stop in Tokyo and after Kumamoto we will go to Kyoto. Just s bit of change. Hotels in Kyoto are sold out!

Thanks again


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