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using 7-day jr pass as part of 13-day trip

using 7-Day JR Pass as part of 13-Day Trip

Hi, my husband and I are traveling to Japan on April23-May5, 2016 (13days).

We plan to purchase a 7-Day JR Pass.
1.How can we maximize the JR Pass based on our itinerary below? Are these routes covered by the JR pass?
2.Would you recommend getting a Suica or a Pasmo card when going around Tokyo after our 7-day JR pass expires?
3. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

Day 1 (Apr23, Sat) - arrive 11am at Tokyo Narita Terminal 2. activate JR Pass and use it to reach Shinkuju
Day 2 (Apr24, Sun) - Shibuya and Harajuku
Day 3 (Apr25, Mon) - Take first train to Kyoto. Roam around Kyoto. Overnight in Kyoto near Kyoto Station.
Day 4 (Apr26, Tue) - Visit Fushimi Inari in the morning, back to hotel in Kyoto.
Day 5 (Apr27, Wed) - Kyoto to Nara in the morning, then Nara to Osaka in the late afternoon. overnight in Namba area, Osaka.
Day 6 (Apr28, Thu) - roam around Osaka. Take last train Osaka to Tokyo
Day 7 (Apr29, Fri) - Last day of JR pass. either go on a day trip to Hakone or Nikko
Day 8 (Apri30, Sat) - Akihabara, Ginza, Tokyo Tower
Day 9 (May 1, Sun) - either go on a day trip to Hakone or Nikko
Day 10 (May2, Mon) - Asakusa and Odaiba
Day 11 (May3, Tue) - roam around Tokyo, may be try an Onsen
Day 12 (May4, Wed) - roam around Tokyo, last minute shopping
Day 13 (May5, Thu) - Depart Tokyo 11:45am

Thank you so much!


Hi there,

1.) As it is now, you'll already be getting the best value out of your JR Pass (by using it from day 1-7). Travel between all these places is covered by the JR Pass.

2.) Yes!

3.) You've already booked a lot, so I won't be changing much here. However I do recommend making a visit to Kyomizudera in Kyoto if you have the time.

Enjoy Japan!

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