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urgent : osaka-kyoto-takayama-fuji-tokyo

Urgent : Osaka-Kyoto-Takayama-Fuji-Tokyo


Finally I am able to workout some sense from the endless list of websites as its surely not simple to travel in Japan as its very expensive and complex at the same time.

I wanted to go for a 7 day JR pass as I thought it will offer best value but if the information at Hyerpedia is correctly maintained here is my comparison :

Cost of 7 day JR Pass : JPY 27800

Cost of Individual Tickets :

Osaka-Kyoto : JPY1690
Kyoto-Takayama: JPY 9000
Takayama-Fuji via Nagoya : JPY 12000
Fuji-Tokyo : 4400

The above sums to about JPY 27,000 which is almost equal to a 7 day JR pass. Do I get any other benefit in case I buy a JY pass? As far as I could understand all Bus services (Nuohi bus which I intend to take for Shinhotaka ropeway/Bus to Fujiyama 5th station) are not covered under JR pass and so is the subway service which I may use in OSaka/Tokyo.

Also is it possible to take an overnight bus service from Takayama to Mt Fuji ?? All bus services I came across so far are between Tokyo-Takayama/Nagoya-Tokyo.

Please advise in case I miss Takayama are there any closer places to Mt Fuji to enjoy the Japanese Alps experience?? which would help save time/travel/cost.

I will be in Osaka on 27th Feb morning hence need your advise urgently. Please HELP !!!

Any further help to better the itinerary will be very much appreciated. As of not I planned as following:

27/28 Feb- Osaka Siteseeing
01 MAr-Kyoto
02 MAr-Kyoto-Takayama
03 MAr -Takayama-Shinhotaka Ropeway
04 Mar- Takayama-Mt Fuji-Tokyo
05/06 MAr- Tokyo.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ana,

You may want to check our Japan Rail Pass map out. It will show you all the routes that you can go with the Japan Rail Pass.

Looking at your itinerary you'll be able to make good use of the JR Pass in Tokyo on JR trains, and of course you will retain flexibility to do further day trips if you feel like. If you do not go to Takayama, I recommend you go to Hakone on the way to Tokyo from Nagoya. You should stop at Odawara on the bullet train and then transfer to the non-JR Odakyu lines up to Hakone itself. All in all, I think you have a great looking trip. You should also make sure you visit Nara while you are in the Kyoto area I think as it is a very interesting town.

I'm afraid I don't know much about overnight buses as there is a lot of choice. I recommend you contact the JNTO in your country as they will be able to offer guidance on this.

I hope this helps!

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