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type of jr pass to order

Type of JR pass to order


Our itinerary in Japan starting Feb 18 is as follows:

Day 1- ETA Osaka-7PM
Day 2-USJ
Day 3&4-Kyoto
Day 5-Nara
Day 6-Shiga
Day 7-Kyoto
Day 8-Tokyo

day 9-Tokyo
Day 10-Osaka
Day 11-Home

With the above itinerary, kindly suggest if JR pass is worth it. If so, what JR pass should we get. Thanks.


I am hoping to see Tokyo marathon on Feb 22. Can you please a better itinerary than the one I earlier posted so that we can maximise our 10-day stay in Japan? What are the "must see" places so we won't miss them?

Thanks again.


Hello there,

A 7 day JR Pass is easily the best option here. A normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka alone is about the same price as the 7 day JR Pass. Now you get 7 days of unlimited travel for the same price.

So I guess the Marathon is in day 6. In that case you could done something like.

Day 1-4 Osaka, USJ, Kyoto
Day 5-6 Tokyo (starting using the 7 day JR Pass)
Day 7 Shiga
Day day 8 Hakone
Day 9 - Nara and return to Osaka late
day 10, 11 Osaka and the possibility of a day trip to Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot for your response. As to the itinerary you gave can you give us an idea what train to ride per trip to each place? I understand Japan has different train lines! Do we need to ride buses also or can we just walk to the the tourist sites after alighting from the trains? Do I make any sense?


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