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two weeks in japan!

two weeks in Japan!

Good Morning,
we will be in Japan from 10 august for a couple of weeks
We have already bought a JR pass valid for 14 days
I have a few questions for you:
1- our hote li nTokyo is near Ueno Station. Can we go there from Narita airport using JR PASS ? is it possible to use JR Pass to ravel around Tokyo?
2- We are going to Kawaguchi ko. Is it possible to go using JR PASS?
3- From Kawaguchi ko we are going to Kyoto. Is it possible to go using JR Pass?
4- We also would like to go to Shimoda either from Tokyo or from Kyoto. Is it possible to use JR Pass?

Thank you very much!!

paolo valli
paolo valli

Hi Paolo,

1.) Yes, the Narita Express is covered by the JR Pass, you can also use the JR Pass on the JR Network in Tokyo, this includes major lines like the JR Yamanote Loop line and JR Chuo (central) line.

2 and 3.) The JR Pass covers part of the way to Kawaguchiko, for the details see: how to visit Fuji.

4.) The JR Pass covers most of the route, the last part however is travelled on a the private Izukyu line. This is 2130yen on an express line.

Hope this helps,

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