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turning your exchange order for jr pass at shin yokohama station

Turning your Exchange Order for JR Pass at Shin Yokohama Station

Hi There,

I am arriving in Tokyo at around 2300 and will need to catch the first Hikari train to Kyoto the next day. I just want to know if there is enough time for me to exchange my voucher for my JR pass at Shin-Yokohama station within 10 minutes and ride the Hikari 493 to Kyoto afterwards.

I'll be coming all the way from Uguisudani station in Tokyo at 0445 . It will take me at least an hour via the Keihin-Tohoku and Negishin Local line to reach Shin Yokohama station where the Ticket Office opens at 0530.

The thing is, I will arrive at Shin Yokohama station at around 05:45 and the first Hikari train to Kyoto departs at 06:00. Will 15 minutes be enough for me to process my process my JR Pass at the ticketing office and go straight to the shinkansen platform to catch the Hikari 493 to Kyoto?




Hi Angelo,

This is a tricky but very interesting question, I see from what you write that you already have done a good amount of research yourself.

What I can tell you is that the exchange process itself will take 5 minutes or even less if you are first in line. You can book your JR Tickets at the same time, so the only thing left would be to head up to the Shinkansen platform. However I do think that you are low on time if you arrive at Shin Yokohama station around 05.45 and you would also have to locate the right office. What I would recommend is going to Yokohama the night that you arrive and stay in a hotel (or internet cafe) near Shin Yokohama so you won't have to worry about your arrival time.

I hope this helps!

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